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Huda Kattan Huda Beauty

Huda Beauty: Who is Huda Kattan?

Huda Beauty: Who is Huda Kattan?
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Huda Kattan, also known as Huda Beauty for her Instagram account, is a blogger, makeup artist and businesswoman based in Dubai.

Born in the USA and of Iraqi origin, she is together with her sisters Mona and Alya the creator of the brand Huda Beauty.

After starting her career in the world of finance decided to devote herself to her true passion, the world of makeup and beauty. She currently has more than 12.5 million followers in Instagram and constantly feeds her blog and Youtube channel with all kinds of tricks, reviews and beauty tutorials.

Their brand Huda Beauty is especially known for its false eyelashes, but it also sell false nails and will soon expand the collection with lipsticks.

Huda BeautyAlthough many call the copycat of Kim Kardashian they have little to do with each other, beyond her Persian origins and her love for false eyelashes, Kim herself being with her sisters Khloe and Kylie Jenner confessed fans of the brand.

Huda Kattan began early with her interest in makeup, according to her own account at age 14 she already had a good level and during her career years she began something similar to a newsletter she shared with her friends explaining the latest tricks and beauty trends. It was her sisters who supported her and encouraged her to start her blog and a few years later they started with her the brand Huda Beauty with some fake eyelashes models to gradually expand the collection little by little.

One of the strongest points of her career was her agreement to commercialize Huda Beauty in some centers of Sephora, which little by little they have been expanding, arriving at the USA recently.

Her success beyond the effort she has dedicated to her brand, her personality and the quality of the products is mainly due to two very intelligent strategies when positioning the brand. The first is her proximity and involvement in social networks, especially Instagram, where she usually shares images and videos of her followers not only using Huda Beauty products but any other brand or even tutorials that Huda Kattan herself likes.

The second success has been to use in the packaging itself the image of Huda Kattan wearing some of her Huda Beauty eyelashes. With very striking eyes, it is usual in social networks to see her followers holding the packaging at the level of their eyes as if they were their own. A more than economic way to get promotion and visibility.


Where to buy Huda Beauty, the brand of Huda Kattan?

Although available in some countries, Huda Beauty is not for sale in Sephora Spain so we have to turn to online stores. Huda Beauty has its own online store and has recently begun to ship worldwide, however, taking into account the possibility that the packages are stopped at customs and suffer a surcharge, the easiest way to get the products of Huda Kattan is to buy them in the British online store Cult Beauty (with free shipping to the whole world starting at 50 pounds).

Within their collection it will be simple to find some model of false eyelashes that adapt to our style, with options to give volume, lengthen or also individual eyelashes (some of the favorites of Kim Kardashian). All their eyelashes are cruelty free, meaning they do not come or have been tested on animals and are priced between 12 and 18 pounds (approximately between 15 and 22 euros).

In addition, unlike other brands, the lashes of Huda Beauty if they are well maintained can withstand perfectly about 12 uses so that although they have a higher price than other brands (and not so much, since the eyelashes from Mac usually have a price of 25 €) they end up being quite cost effective.

If you still do not know Huda Kattan and her brand Huda Beauty do not hesitate to take a walk around her blog and discover more or give yourself a fancy by wearing some of her false eyelashes.







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