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shiva safai

Shiva Safai: Who is she, age and Instagram

Shiva Safai: Who is she, age and Instagram
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Shiva Safai was born in Iran in 1980, so he is 37 years old. Although her family moved to Norway shortly after, fleeing from Khomeini. At nineteen, Shiva decided to move to the United States and founded her own company, which was active for more than eleven years. In 2012, she met Palestinian billionaire Mohamed Hadid at a restaurant in Beverly Hills, and they started dating almost immediately. In addition to the age of Shiva Safai, in this article we will know a little more about her spectacular lifestyle, her fiancé, her Instagram presence and some of her beauty secrets.

Shiva Safai fianceeShe is engaged to Mohamed Hadid, who asked for the hand of Shiva Safai in 2013, in the presence of her children and with a huge boulder of those with many carats. But it seems that the engagement is extending indefinitely, since four years later, nothing is known about the wedding.

In the United States, such a long time is a bad sign, and for a conservative woman of Muslim origin, even more. In the first episode of the new reality show, she confronts her fiancé and asks “Are we really going to get married someday?”. It is not the only curious situation in her life, many media outlets echo the difference between the age of Shiva Safai and her 67-year-old fiancé. Although judging by their presence in social networks and media, the couple shows complicity and happiness.

While waiting for the wedding to arrive, Shiva Safai enjoys an extraordinary standard of living, thanks to Mohamed’s immense fortune. His Bel-Air mansion is one of the most expensive in the area, with eleven bedrooms, a huge swimming pool and a Moroccan-style spa. The house is so big that her fiancé’s children confessed that  they avoided inviting their friends to play, because they were ashamed.

But Shiva Safai seems delighted with the spectacular mansion and has even put her feminine touch in some rooms, with flowers, portraits of her and lots of candles in parts. Of course, her favorites are Diptyque’s.


Mohamed Hadid, fiance of Shiva Safai and ex-husband of Yolanda Foster.

shiva safai beautyShiva Safai‘s fiancé has a more than interesting life. This multimillionaire man who one day won Trump, is not only a former model husband, but a model father. Mohamed Hadid (Nazareth, 68) is a real estate developer of Palestinian origin. Her father was the first Arab to work on Voice of America, the American public radio and television service, so the family moved to the United States before Mohamed came of age. The road was not easy.

He has commented in some interview that her great-great-grandfather was the Prince of Nazareth, but that as the year of his birth, 1948, was also the year of the creation of the State of Israel. His family had to leave and take refuge in Syria, where he lived for several months in a camp.

Once in the United States, he began his double career. On the one hand, the sport, by becoming the only Jordanian to compete, in 1992  in skiing, in a Winter Olympics; On the other hand, he was making a career in the USA as a real estate developer, especially as regards luxury hotels and mansions. He faced – and won – the very same  Donald Trump, for a real estate deal in Aspen and dedicated himself to swell a fortune that is estimated to be between 100 and 200 million dollars (between 95 and 190 million Eur.). With part of it, she paid the expensive ring that the Iranian model shines, Shiva Safai, 30 years younger than him, with whom she will marry soon.

Mohamed had already been married twice. The first, with an American with whom she had two daughters. The second, in 1994, with the former Dutch model Yolanda Foster, with whom she had three children and from which she divorced in 2000. Both wives benefited from the divorce agreements, especially Yolanda, who got three million dollars as compensation. Now they are all friends, as we could see in a  reality show, in which Yolanda participated for three years.

By the way, it seems that Shiva Safai has a lot of patience and discretion, because she is also a friend of Joanna Krupa, a spectacular Polish model who has been said to have been Mohamed Hadid’s lover while he was married to Yolanda.

For her part, Shiva Safai has also been married, although apparently she had a complicated marriage and there is not much information about it. We only know that the spectacular model had no children, unlike her future husband who has five of her previous marriages.

Shiva Safai Style


Shiva Safai Beauty Secrets


The popularity on Instagram of Shiva Safai

shiva safai instagramAlthough Shiva Safai has always behaved a discreet and elegant woman, and to date, is known for being the beautiful and refined girlfriend of the father of the Hadid models already, has more than half a million followers on Instagram. If you want to follow her, her Instagram is @shivasafai.

You can see many pictures of Shiva Safai on Instagram with her fiancé. Many of them focused on showing extreme luxury and wearing designer clothes. However, if you follow Shiva daily, you will see also that for less formal occasions, she dresses in a very simple way, with neutral colors, denim shirts, white dresses or black shirts. Her style at these moments is very simple and he likes to comply with the premises that allow a woman to relax with clothes: her personal arrangement is taken care of to the maximum and her hair is always impeccable. Well groomed hair, beautiful earrings and hands are usually enough to give a touch of distinction to any outfit. Impeccable makeup and eyebrows also help and Shiva Safai seems to know this perfectly.

If you wonder about her other magical tricks, Shiva Safai has told some of her beauty secrets, which are Tom Ford’s bronzer, Armani Beauty’s foundation, and By Terry Baume de Rose to moisturize her lips. Keeping her lips well cared for is another of her obsessions because he says that if he notices them dry, her day is already spoiled. Unfortunately, he has not revealed anything of what he does to take care of her incredible chestnut hair, one of her most attractive attributes. It may be because he is preparing to launch her own line of hair products …

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