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viki odintkova diet

Viki Odintsova Plastic surgery or natural blessing?

Viki Odintsova Plastic surgery or natural blessing?
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Viki Odintsova is a young Russian model who conquers social networks with her beauty. Her curvaceous body has made her a true Instagram star, where she publishes provocative images almost daily to her 5 million followers. If you want to know more about this beautiful woman, join us in knowing something more about her.

viki odintkova instagramBorn in the Russian city of St. Petersburg in 1993, she rose to fame for alleged romances with F1 Champion Fernando Alonso. The media noise regarding a possible romance between the two, began after the model published some photos of him in Dubai, in the vicinity of the house of the pilot of the McLaren team. He was too connected in 2017 with the pilot Lewis Hamilton. She measures 1.73 Cm. and participated at the beauty pageant contest of Perm, a russian regional capital.

Without a doubt, its beauty is spectacular and one of the indispensable elements for its legion of followers, along with its suggestive photos of social networks. But is it a natural beauty?

Although she has repeatedly denied having undergone any type of cosmetic surgery, some celebrity experts and professionals affirm that before becoming known, she performed an butt and breast augmentation. The truth is that although natural, Viki Odintcova‘s breasts are too big for a girl so thin and, although it could be one of the exceptions of Mother Nature, it does not seem very possible. Likewise, and with respect to his butt, there does not seem to be a real obvious increase. Together with her dark, tanned by the sun, her look is incredibly sexy.

viki odintsova surgeryThe reality is that you need just look at the few existing photos of the “old” Viki Odintcova to realize that yes, there has been any change. Some Russian articles that talk about his life, tell us that after graduating, he tried to be a model.

In Russia, a country known for its beautiful women, Viki Odintcova, was just one more and did not have the favor of the agencies. Advised, worked on his image, losing weight and looking for a more sensual body, not only retouching the chest and butt, but the nose and lips, dyeing the hair to medium brown and letting itself grow and tinting the eyebrows. For those who like curiosities, it is said that one of the surgeries practiced left him with a slight strabismus.

Once these changes were made, She signed a contract with the Marvin Models agency, managed by the photographer Alexander Marvin in 2014. Since then, his popularity has not stopped growing. Viki Odinsova has starred in covers of Playboy, Sports Ilustrated, various swimsuit campaigns and even a hot video clip with Russian rapper Egor Kreed, a star in his country.

The diet of Viki Odinsova

viki odintkova dietIn any case, despite the possible aesthetic operations, a body like hers must be taken care of. Viki Odintsova is in favor of a healthy lifestyle. As she saids in some interviews, the worst times for her diet are the endlessย  and frequent airplane trips.

The hour changes and the airlines menus mean that during these moments she neglects their care a little. However, this disciplined woman recovers, based on effort, these small excesses. In addition, Viki, often offers her fans in social networks various tips for healthy diet andย  gym.

The truth is that she is really notย  very specific in her interviews when it comes to her diet. Maybe to avoid the case of the Australian model Renee Somerfield, who swore to be vegan, to then appear making ads for whey protein. It would not be very sensible for Viki Odintsova to say that she eats or does not eat x food to be disdained by future campaigns …

Viki Odintcova and her fashion style


Viki and her active presence on Instagram and Snapchat

viki odintcova beautyIt has been popular in recent times the presence of countless spectacular young Russian women on Instagram, Snapchat and other social networks. Although they were not models, or rich, they seemed so. A lifestyle of such luxury only understandable in his mother country, made it the desire of many men and the envy of many women.

Every week in a different paradise, with clothes and bags of the best brands. The truth is that since they were not famous, or millionaire by any activity or family tradition, we began to think that were sugar babies, young girls who maintain relationships with mature gentlemen often married, in exchange for doing all their economic whims.


Although Viki Odintsova could have passed for one of these girls, the truth is that she seems to have gained a position for herself in the world of glamor without the need for these questionable activities.

Her Instagram accounts, where he has more than 5 million followers, or Snapchat are very active and in addition to showing us his beauty and his trips, she has surprised more than one of his risky activities. A while ago, Viki Odintcova‘s name became known to many, along with his spectacular photos, posted on his Instagram and Snapchat accounts, hanging on the arm of a known climber without harness or protective rope and suspended on top of one of the famous and tall skyscrapers of Dubai.

Viki Odintcova said, although this could be an urban legend, that the authorities of Dubai almost arrested and made her sign a document, swearing that she would not think of doing something like that again. The truth is that the pictures provoke vertigo just by looking at them and maybe it is possible that the authorities of the city were more than satisfied by the free international advertising campaign received.

Despite her luxurious lifestyle and magnificent beauty, Viki Odintcova seems to have little of Diva. In her various interviews, she shows a positive young woman, who lives in the present waiting for a good future and does not seem to believe she is special. We will have to follow her on social networks. If you also want to follow this spectacular woman, her Instagram account is @ viki_odintcova. On Snapchat, you can search for Viki by Viki.odintcova.



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