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What Does Jet Set or a Jetsetter Mean

What Does Jet Set or a Jetsetter Mean
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It’s the sixties, the economy is on the upturn and most countries have just finished rebuilding at the end of the worst war ever recorded in history. Commercial airlines are now in operation, thus leading to the emergence of a group of people popularly referred to as ‘jet setters’. Who are these, you ask? Jet-setters are a group of mostly wealthy individuals who trot the globe, usually on private jets, primarily for leisurely purposes.

The term was first coined by an American journalist, Igor Cassini, in his New York Journal-American article. The jet set move from city to city, always opting for the most expensive accommodation that is just but a dream for the common folk. They wine and dine in the most expensive restaurants and do not shy away from flaunting their wealth. The original members of this group included socialites who enjoyed basking in the limelight. Paparazzi would throng their highly exclusive parties, where the jet set would not pass up on the opportunity for a spot in the limelight.

For the jet set, the image is everything. You certainly do not expect to find them at your local thrift shop, to the brand is key, and not just any brand, it has to be one of the top ones. They hardly miss any of the top fashion showcases on offer, be it the New York fashion week or the Pitti Immagine in Florence, you would expect to find them there. A jet setter has no qualms splashing out $500 on some new Ahlem shades or even your entire annual income on their wardrobe.

Los Angeles, Paris, Miami, and Rome are just but some of the most popular destinations for the jet set. These locations offer a wide range of fun activities for the lot, ranging from snowboarding at the Alps to wine tasting in Italy. Flaunted by A-list celebrities, you would not find them missing from any top gig wherever in the world.

What kind of jetsetters are there

However, the jet set phenomenon that was previously viewed at as an exclusive preserve for the rich has undergone some tremendous metamorphosis over the recent years. With the advent of easier accessibility to air travel, several new crops of the ‘jet-setter’ have come into existence. These emerging groups include the reward hunters, the simplicity searchers, and the obligation meeters. The reward hunters travel around the world for self-indulgence; these are individuals whose primary motivation is to seek ‘reward’ for the efforts they have put in other aspects of their lives.

The simplicity searchers, according to Amadeus, are the ones who prefer traveling in the easiest way possible. They prefer outsourcing travel information from trusted parties. Their travel destinations are usually pre-arranged for them and are thus able to keep contact at the minimum. This group prefers to purchase bundles, which would easily cater for all their needs.

A third group of the emerging jet set is the obligation meeters. These group’s travels are limited by a specific obligation that they need to accomplish. The obligations may include corporate traveling or even religious travels. The number one priority for this group is to meet their set goal, the experience is therefore of much essence than the destination itself. Once their priority is accomplished, these groups usually turn into luxury seekers, savoring what their destinations have to offer before jetting off.

These jet set groups can further be classified depending on their behavior, intention and also by the levels of their opulence. There are those whose primary consideration is luxury. To them, money is not an issue and would therefore not compromise on their grandeur taste. They exhibit characteristics of the simplicity searchers as they would prefer all the planning to be done for them beforehand.

The next group is the special occasion travelers, they regard traveling as a treat for them. This group mainly comprises of the reward hunters. They use their airlines’ reward schemes to upgrade to a higher travel class. This jet set seek an unforgettable experience and at some point, where necessary, they may be willing to tone down on their luxury demands just to get the experience of a lifetime.

The third group consists of a union of the reward seekers and the obligation matters. The jet set here comprise of mostly company executives, their main push for these travels are business meetings. After their meetings, these individuals have the capability of extending their stay for leisurely purposes.

The other group consists of the cash-rich, time-poor jet set. These largely consist of lower company executives who travel for business purposes. Their schedule is greatly dictated by their company and is thus largely restricted to the intended travel purposes. They have no time for leisure as they are required to report back for duty once their objective is met. The group is a mix of simplicity searchers and the obligation matters.

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, the jet set is a highly distinguished group of people whose general taste marries with the finer things in life. These individuals trot around the globe from city to city sampling the best range of products that life has to offer. Whether we admit it or not, we are all intrigued by the highly fascinating jet-set lifestyle.

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