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victoria bonya age

Who is Victoria Bonya?

Who is Victoria Bonya?
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If you have been very busy or you use to ignore Instagram, maybe you don’t know her. However, if you presume for knowing the who is who at the celebrities world, you should know that starting from nowhere and thanks to hard work and stunning beauty, Victoria Bonya has come to achieve everything in life, being a popular presence at the Cannes festival and parties like the one Vanity Fair performs after the Oscar’s gala.

victoria bonya age

If we look at her data, Victoria Bonya was born on November 27, 1979 in the Chita Region, in the city of Krasnokamenst. For those who do not know very well the mother Russia,  Krasnokamenst is a Siberian city with an average temperature of -16 degrees. Quite far from the warm images that this celebrity usually uploads to their social networks like Instagram.


Some of the curiosities of Victoria Bonya include her residency in Monaco, her zodiacal sign, Sagittarius, and that she was released to fame on a reality show “Dom2” (“The house 2” in English). Let’s learn more about this spectacular blonde. By the way, his beauty and nationality, have caused her some particular situations. She was recently arrested at the Los Angeles airport when the police mistook her for a Russian spy of Vladimir Putin. And it does not surprise us, this queen of Instagram seems to have come straight out of a Bond, James Bond movie.


Professional career of Victoria  Bonya

victoria bonya lifestyleLike many other young people and families from remote regions, at the age of 16 she moved to Moscow. Although she worked as a waitress and secretary of a company that produces plastic windows, her first television appearances began at Lotto Bingo. In 2001, at the age of 22, the gorgeous blond appeared at the Miss Earth contest. She tried the American adventure in the USA in 2002, but again in Russia, on May 9, 2006, Victoria Bonya, became a member of the reality show “Dom2”. She became one of the most prominent members of the show being in the set at the house  for almost a year.


Thanks to her popularity  and to an undeniable hard work, Victoria  Bonya, managed to position herself as a model, actress, radio and television presenter, works she does today. In the midst of her successful career, Victoria met the son of Irish billionaire Alexander Smurfit and had a daughter, “Angelina Leticia” although unfortunately, in 2017, this idyllic fairy tale couple, separated. Before that and, although there is no information about her husband, Victoria had been married in Russia.


The Changing Life of Victoria Bonya

victoria bonya instagramDespite it’s relative youth, Victoria Bonya, did shown an extremely active work and personal activity. In May 2007, she entered the list of the 50 most beautiful people in Moscow. The same year,  presented a Cosmopolitan program in TNT in September, and participated in a very popular at Instagram photo shoot for the Russian version of the Penthouse magazine.


That year, seemed not end for Victoria  Bonya, and she had time to participate in the film  “Beauty of Love” directed by the prestigious Maxim Vornkov. After two years, already in 2009, the girl participated in the music video of the romantic song by Dima Bilan “Lady” and in 2011 in another music video, this time by MakSim, “How to Fly”. In 2013 Victoria Bonya, once again, participated in the world of reality shows, this time as a presenter, with the successful “Holidays in  Mexico 2”. Her apparent passion for the music industry, led her to participate once again in a third video, this time “Do I Have To” by Yegor Kreed’s.


As if it were not enough work, in addition to “The beauty of love” Victoria  Bonya has participated in several films like “My favorite witch” in 2010, “A mother is better!”, Also in 2010, at “Great expectations”, in 2011 and  “Mexican voyage of Stepanych” in 2012.

Victoria Bonya’s Beauty favorites


Relationship with Alexander Smurfit.

victoria bonya beautyThe life of Victoria Bonya turned upside down when she met a son of a well-known Irish businessman at a party in Moscow. Victoria was not interested in him because of his international playboy fame. He was too young, very handsome and, besides being hunted in the company of Parish Hilton, he had appeared at the party with one of his temporary girlfriends. He was definitely the kind of man a 31-year-old Russian with aspirations for stability would not look twice at. However, Alexander  Smurfit was enthusiastic about the impressive Russian, possibly helped by her indifference.


He did not stop until she was conquered, although his family wanted him to marry an aristocrat and they certainly did not agree with a relationship with a Russian woman of doubtful past. Alexander opted for his love and for a few years they were a happy family living in Monaco and having Angelina. Unfortunately, at 38, Victoria Bonya announced her separation from the handsome Irishman.

Victoria Bonya’s Style: Get her look


Victoria Boyna’s Instagram presence

Victoria  Bonya, aka @victoriabonya has a constant presence on Instagram and 5,7 million followers among them, lots of haters, sometimes treating her with frightful cruelty.


In Victoria’s past, some well-known erotic photos and videos stolen from her computer came to light, and they are still available to those who want to make a simple search on the Internet. Not long ago, this legion of haters had another golden opportunity. This time, she was accused of prostitution by some photos published in which she was on a yacht, with other women and few millionaires. To make things worse, Victoria Bonya is accused on Instagram of having lost her beauty and that her success is due solely to their brazenness and sexual attractiveness.


The truth is that despite the professional Instagram‘s trolls and his famous “expectation vs reality” photos of Victoria  Bonya, for many, at 38, she is still an attractive mature woman who has managed to earn her position in life based on hard work and effort. We hope she remains one of the undisputed Queens of Instagram. And for many years.

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